17 May Solar Energy Batteries on the Rise

By Sarah Lozanova Published May 17, 2018, in Earth911   As the cost of batteries for solar energy drops and the capabilities increase, homeowners are increasingly looking to solar-plus-storage technologies for greater energy independence and resiliency. Natural disasters and extreme weather events in 2017 highlighted power grid vulnerabilities and...

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24 Apr Should I get off of the power grid?

Many homeowners in Maine want to get off the utility grid and become completely energy independent. An off-grid solar energy system with batteries is a great power solution for families that are not connected to the power grid. A new generation of battery technology is...

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26 Mar Should I finance my solar system?

Purchasing a solar system is a big financial decision. For solar shoppers who don't have the money upfront, is it wise to finance a system? There are now solar loan products available in Maine that allow you to install a system for as little as...

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23 Oct Waldoboro Transfer Station Announcement

[caption id="attachment_18356" align="alignright" width="300"] Waldoboro Transfer Station[/caption] Sundog Solar was recently awarded a contract to install a 110 kW solar array at the Waldoboro Transfer Station. This project will save the town $380,000 over the life of the system. Sundog Solar will install and own the solar...

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10 Jun How Solar Technology Benefits Homeowners

By Sarah Lozanova Published June 2, 2017, in Triple Pundit.   Energy production has changed dramatically in the last decade. There is enough solar energy capacity in the United States to power 8.3 million homes. In fact, solar power accounted for 39 percent of the new electricity generation capacity...

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