Electric Vehicle and Charging

electric vehicle ev charging station maine midcoastSundog Solar has a 2017 Chevy Bolt EV to the company fleet. This vehicle is intended to further the clean transportation movement in Maine and increase public awareness of the benefits of clean energy.

We use this electric car for conducting solar energy surveys and site visits to Sundog customers. Our Chevy Bolt has a range of 238 miles and charges in just a few hours on our Level 2 electric vehicle charging station. The solar panels on our Searsport office power the electric vehicle, our heat pumps and more.

Greater Energy Independence

At Sundog Solar, we are dedicated to being part of the clean energy solution and leaving a healthy world for future generations. Electric vehicles decrease our reliance on foreign oil for greater energy independence.  We can install electric vehicle charging stations that work in conjunction with solar energy systems, allowing electric vehicles to be powered by the sun!

Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Sundog Solar installed a free electric vehicle charging station on the company office building in Midcoast Maine. This high-powered charging station at 222 E. Main St. in Searsport, Maine. It is available to the public and offers a new charging option for electric vehicle drivers in Midcoast Maine. Come by to charge your EV and meet the Sundog Solar team.

Looking for an electric vehicle charging station in Midcoast Maine? Visit the Sundog office in Searsport to charge your EV!