Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial heat pumps have advanced significantly in recent years and is now an excellent heating and cooling solution in Maine. Sundog customers appreciate how our air-source heat pumps slash heating bills while maintaining comfort. Restaurants, offices, hotels, schools, nonprofits, and retail stores are all good candidates for heat pumps.


Save on Your Commercial Heating Bills

Energy-efficient commercial heat pumps slash your heating bills, on average by 30 to 40%! In fact, heating your business with a heat pump is cheaper than using a pellet stove or firewood! The same unit can also provide air conditioning in the summer, enhancing home comfort and keeping humidity levels in an ideal range.


Simple Installation Process for a Commercial Heat Pump

Our ductless mini-splits are easy to install on existing homes because they don’t require ductwork. Our heat pump experts are dedicated to making the installation process as simple and tidy as possible because we believe in providing excellent customer service. Mini-splits provide heat to just one room, a series of rooms, or an entire home, depending on the system design.


Save with Efficiency Maine Rebates when Installing a Commercial Heat Pump

Mainers can save $1,250 in Efficiency Maine business rebates. Sundog Solar is an approved heat pump contractor for Efficiency Maine, and we can help you every step of the way. Call at 207-548-1100 or email us at [email protected] today to get started!


High-Quality Mini-Splits

Sundog installs Daikin heat pumps with exceptional warranties to protect your investment. As the largest manufacturer of heating, cooling, and refrigerant products in the world, Daikin mini-split products are highly reliable and use innovative technology.


Sundog – Your Commercial Heat Pump Experts

The Sundog heat pump team is dedicated to your comfort and energy savings. Every mini-split installation project we complete throughout Midcoast, Downeast, and Central Maine meets or exceeds guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency, is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and comes with a long manufacturer’s warranty.


Want to cut your heating bills with a Commercial Heat Pump System? Call Sundog today at 207-548-1100 to get started!

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