Solar Hot Water Heaters in Maine

Anyone who has ever left a garden hose out in the summer sun knows that the water gets very hot. Now imagine capturing the same power from the sun with a system that collects and stores the heated water so you can use it in your organization or business all year long.

The average business with ample space for panels can easily satisfy up to 70% of its annual domestic hot water needs purely from the sun. Modern solar hot water systems convert 65 – 80% of the sun’s energy directly to heat using clean, free fuel from the sun. While oil and propane boilers burn expensive fossil fuels, solar systems rely on the free energy falling on your property.

Solar water heaters are usually used to heat domestic hot water, but they can also be used for space heating and commercial applications as well. Sundog Solar designs, installs, and services commercial solar hot water panels and systems.

How Solar Water Heaters Work

There are many ways to capture energy from the sun. Solar hot water systems are the most efficient.

To harness this clean, free fuel from the sun to heat your water, you need four main components:

  1. Solar flat plate collectors
  2. A super-insulated storage tank to retain the solar heated water
  3. A pumping system to move, manage and, transfer the heat produced
  4. A backup heat source to cover periods of cloudiness or winter days

With these basic solar components, you can generate enough hot water to supply your business. This significantly reduces your dependence on gas and oil.

Save Money with Solar Hot Water

Many Maine businesses use a lot of hot water. Solar can help heat up to 70% of your hot water annually (when there is ample space for panels). Solar hot water is a realistic and competitive energy solution for Maine business owners.

The federal tax credit can provide a 30% reduction in the cost of your new solar water heating system.  Now is a great time to go solar!

Solar System Design and Installation With Sundog

Our solar water heaters are designed for integration with your existing oil, gas, or electric hot water system. They are designed based on your current needs for hot water and your long-term energy goals.

Sundog Solar’s water systems use super-insulated solar thermal storage tanks to minimize heat loss and produce greater home energy savings. We can also include a backup heater tailored to your exact needs.

Our NABCEP-certified and insured solar experts are knowledgeable and install top-quality solar systems for Maine businesses. We serve the communities of Portland, Lewiston, Rockland, Camden, Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, Calais, and surrounding communities.

Does your business use a lot of hot water? Give Sundog Solar a call to find out how much you can save with solar hot water panels.

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