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25 May Does Sundog Solar Install Solar Systems with Batteries?

solar energy batteriesAs concern about resiliency increases, demand for solar plus storage has increased in Maine. In fact, the recent extended power outage at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak has boosted interest in solar systems with batteries. With an unstable electric grid, Maine is a great place to have solar panels with batteries.

Sundog Solar has a decade of experience installing solar energy systems with batteries. Our team installs several highly-quality batteries for you to choose from. Each battery varies in price, capacity, and durability.

Sundog Solar installs the Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, Blue Planet, Rolls Surrette, Rolls Surrette, and Sonnenbatterie for grid-tied and off-grid solar applications. Due to strong demand, some batteries might be back-ordered through the manufacturer. We tailor each solar battery solution for the energy storage needs of your home or business. Sundog Solar installs two types of innovative lithium battery technologies throughout Maine: lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC). These are some of the high-quality solar batteries that we install.


Blue Planet

This innovative lithium iron phosphate battery features rapid recharge, allows for 100% discharge, and has excellent safety characteristics. The Blue Ion 2.0 lithium batteries have a 20-year expected lifespan and are available in an 8 kWh and 16 kWh version.


solar power batteriesLG Chem

The RESU lithium-ion solar battery line ranges in capacity from 3.3 to 10 kWh. It is ideally suited for hybrid solar systems (grid-tied systems with battery backup) and comes with a 10-year warranty.


Panasonic (Pika Energy Systems)

The Harbor smart battery seamlessly integrates with the Pika Islanding inverter and comes in several power and capability options for residential and small-scale commercial applications. This lithium-ion battery has a 10-year warranty and has a large storage capacity for extended power outages.

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Rolls Surrette

The world’s most trusted lead-acid battery is an ideal solar energy storage solution. The maintenance-free AGM batteries feature a non-hazardous, sealed construction and are designed to safely charge and discharge even at extreme temperatures.


Sonnenbatterie eco

This solar energy storage system includes a self-contained inverter and smart energy management software for seamless integration. This lithium iron phosphate battery comes with an unlimited 10-year warranty and is available in a range of sizes, from 4 to 16 kWh.


When installing solar systems with batteries, we customize the installations to meet the unique needs of our customers. To learn more about going solar with Sundog, contact our team today.


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