Solar Systems With Battery Backup

Did you know that most solar energy systems do not work during power outages, even when the sun is shining? If a solar system doesn’t have batteries, it will typically not power your home during a blackout. Don’t be left in the dark when you need power the most!

Sundog Solar designs solar systems that provide emergency power during grid outages. We design the system around your needs, powering your most critical loads to make the most of your solar system batteries. Our team installs innovative solar system batteries, including leading lithium-ion technology.

Benefits of hybrid solar

  • Slash your electricity bills
  • Have backup energy when the grid is down
  • Spend less than an off-grid system
  • Greater energy independence

Grid-tied systems with battery backup are the most flexible solar electrical systems. They work similarly to a regular grid-tied solar system except they allow you to store some of your power.

You can:

  • Choose to run your home entirely on your solar panels and batteries, drawing from the grid only as a last resort
  • Do the reverse and use your batteries only if the utility grid goes down so you have power during blackouts
  • Use the utility grid to charge batteries when there is no sun for days

Sundog Solar – Maine’s Solar Energy Experts

Since 2009, Sundog Solar has designed and installed grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid solar PV systems throughout Maine. From Portland to Augusta, Rockland, Elsworth, and beyond, Sundog Solar has a reputation for excellent customer service and quality workmanship. The Sundog Solar team has certified solar installers and electricians to help you slash your energy bills and gain energy independence.


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