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15 Jun Tesla Powerwall Provides Emergency Power During Grid Outages

tesla powerwall installer


Our homes and businesses are designed to have a functional power grid. Many of the comforts of home rely on having power to run our lights, heating systems, appliances, and electronics. During power outages, our houses and offices are dark, cold, and inhospitable. For this reason, solar systems with battery backup have skyrocketed in popularity and the Tesla Powerwall in particular.

Unfortunately, Maine ranks #49 out of 50 for power grid reliability, and multi-day power outages are relatively common in many areas. When the electric grid is down, it hinders our ability to be productive and can even cause property damage when pipes freeze or food spoils. For businesses, this can mean losing the ability to use computers, telephones, and even the internet.

Sundog Solar is now installing Tesla solar products, including the Tesla Powerwall. This solar storage battery provides emergency power when the grid is down.


How do solar batteries work?

Installing a solar battery enables your home or business to store electricity that was produced by your solar panels. At night, you can pull energy from either your solar battery bank or the utility grid. 

When your solar PV system is generating surplus energy, you can either: 

  • Charge your Tesla Powerwall or
  • Send the electricity to the grid and receive credits on your CMP or Versant Power bill. 

Under net metering programs in Maine, utility companies provide credits to their residential or commercial customers for supplying surplus solar energy to the grid. Solar energy system owners with batteries can take advantage of net metering or store the solar electricity for later in the Tesla Powerwall.


If I have a solar system, will my home or business have power during a blackout?

If your home has the ability to store energy, you will have power during a utility outage. Unfortunately, solar systems without batteries shut down during grid outages to protect electrical worker safety when restoring power. However, solar systems with a battery do work during outages. At Sundog Solar, our solar installers are skilled in working with solar systems with battery backup. Our solar panel installers include licensed electricians and NABCEP-certified solar technicians. 


Does the Powerwall require maintenance?

With no moving parts, solar panel systems are virtually maintenance-free. The Powerwall is an advanced lithium-ion battery, which is safe and very reliable. Also, it comes with a ten-year warranty to protect your investment. One thing that can boost the lifespan and performance is installing them indoors, thus avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations. Our expert solar experts can help determine the best location for installing your solar panels and Powerwall.

How can I get a Tesla Powerwall?

Sundog Solar is an authorized installer of Tesla solar products. To get started, request a free solar site survey!

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