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04 Sep Solar Energy Job Boom Created Economic Opportunities

There are 3.3 million clean energy jobs in the United States and the renewable energy sector has become a major source of employment. The solar industry alone has created nearly 335,000 jobs and this number is likely to soar. 

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy has no fuel charges. This keeps energy dollars in the local economy instead of exporting them away. The design and installation of solar systems creates an economic opportunity for local communities through job creation and energy cost savings. 

Renewable energy is the fastest-growing source of new energy in 2018, and job growth follows a similar trend. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists solar photovoltaic installer and wind turbine service technician as the two fastest-growing jobs between 2018 and 2028.

Meanwhile, jobs in coal extraction are decreasing due to a decrease in U.S. coal consumption. As coal power plants close, future coal demand is expected to also decline.

With the renewable energy tax credit in effect for several more years, the future of solar energy job growth is bright.