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08 Jul Windham Family Transitions to Renewable Energy

When Mike and Misty Gilheany purchased their house in Windham Maine, they had a vision of using clean energy. This family of four wanted to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy bills. Mike and Misty found a house with a large southern exposure that is well suited for solar panels. Unfortunately, the home had an oil-fired boiler.

The Gilheanys started by making their home more energy efficient and comfortable. They replaced the insulation with blown-in cellulose and air-sealed the home. This saved energy, reduced drafts, and ensured more even home temperatures.  They then contacted Sundog Solar to install a photovoltaic solar energy system, two mini-split heat pumps, and an electric vehicle charger in the garage.

Mike and Misty now have 34 solar panels on their roof that produce about $2,000 worth of electricity annually. The family used a loan to pay for the solar electric system and are applying the savings from their energy bills to pay down the loan.

The family shut off their oil-fired boiler to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel and used wood heat. Now that they have two new heat pumps, the home is more comfortable than using just the wood stove and the Gilheanys can leave town in the winter without fear of the pipes freezing. The heat pumps also function to cool and dehumidify the home on hot, muggy summer days.

The Gilheanys have been very happy with their photovoltaic system. Their electricity bills are nearly zero and they are now heating their home with 100% renewable energy in the form of wood and solar power. Soon, Mike and Misty will use solar-generated electricity for charging an electric vehicle!

“The Sundog Solar crew did a great job and the installed price was reasonable,” says Mike. “The process was as seamless as possible. The neighbors keep asking about our solar energy system, and we keep giving Sundog Solar rave reviews.”

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