solaria powerXT Maine

19 Apr Solaria Solar Panels Are Sleek, Durable & Efficient

solaria powerXT Maine

Solaria solar panels have become a very prevalent option recently to solar shoppers, and for good reason. These all-black panels feature a sleek design, high solar panel efficiency, and long warranties…for a reasonable price. The Sundog Solar team installs a lot of Solaria PowerXT solar panels because they are so popular among our customers.

Importance of Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency refers to the ability to take sunlight and convert it into solar electricity. The higher the efficiency rating, the more electricity your solar system will produce. Panels in the Solaria product line have an efficiency between 18.7 and 19.3%. This makes them one of the higher efficiency solar panels we install.

Solar panel efficiency is important because Maine homeowners and businesses want to reduce their energy bills by as much as possible. Often, space constraints or shading from trees or buildings limits the output of a solar system. Higher efficiency panels allow the solar system to generate more electricity and foster greater energy independence. 

Excellent Solar Panel Durability

Achieving more than 19% efficiency, Solaria PowerXT solar panels offer a great option to Maine home and business owners that want an extremely durable, high-efficiency solar panel with an excellent warranty. “Most solar panel manufacturers offer a 10 or 12-year manufacturer warranty, yet the Solaria panel has a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty,” says Danny Piper, co-owner of Sundog Solar. “This makes this solar system a very attractive, low-risk investment. We are excited to offer such a strong warranty to our customers.”  

The unique design of Solaria solar panels makes them highly reliable, allowing the manufacturer to offer a long warranty. Many solar panels develope corrosion issues over time, according to Danny. This decreases the long-term output of the solar system.

Sleek, All Black Appearance

Solaria PowerXT solar panelsSolaria panels use solder-free connections that increase durability and long-term energy production. This feature also makes the panels visually appealing because of their all-black appearance. The Solaria panels are modestly priced when compared to other advanced, all black solar panels but are more expensive than our most basic solar panel options.

Find the Lowest Price on Solaria Solar Panels

Sundog Solar is dedicated to providing the best possible prices to our customers, and we stand behind our work. Our solar panel installation team includes licensed electricians and NABCEP-certified solar installers. We are a locally-owned renewable energy company dedicated to serving Maine home and business owners.

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