23 Apr Meet Sundog Customer and heat-pump owner Jeremy Peskoe


Jeremy loves how his new mini-split systems function as both heating and air-conditioning systems!

It’s exciting to think of Spring-time things for a change! Sundog is springing to action after the Bangor Home Show! We’re also thinking of ways to accelerate our carbon reduction, in light of the NASA and U.N. reports on climate change. Our customers consistently inspire us with their commitment to renewable energy. Meet Jeremy!

Jeremy Peskoe, manager of the Belfast Co-op fits our Sundog Solar interview into his busy schedule so we can discuss his recent Sundog renewable energy installation. Sundog recently installed one 18,000 BTU multi-zone heat pump, a 9000 BTU single-zone heat pump in front of the house, and a heat pump hot water tank for Jeremy and partner Robin’s home, as well as a 9000 BTU single-zone unit in Robin’s pilates studio.

After “putting their heads in the sand” for many months in avoidance of the big heating dilemma when the oil furnace died at the end of winter, Jeremy and his partner Robin Peskoe finally came up with a plan and purchased a mini-split heat pump and two single heat pumps as well as a water heat pump this past fall.

Their typical, New England home, where the couple has been living for eight years, didn’t offer an easy solution, since it still lacked sufficient insulation downstairs even after they core-insulated the upstairs and when Jeremy first broached the question, he was discouraged by solar professionals from buying heat pumps until he added improvements. The couple really likes a warm environment.

Jeremy contacted Sundog Solar, and after an in-depth conversation with Danny during Sundog site assessment, the most viable solution became clear. As long as the couple added a wood stove for backup, the heat pumps would do the job, despite the segregated rooms and remaining insulation issues.

Although the initial cost was two grand more than putting in a new furnace, Jeremy now estimates his energy cost is reduced by 80%. The couple’s electric bill increased by $125 per month, but heating oil costs decreased by $275 per month.

A great benefit of the heat pumps is their dual function as air-conditioners. Jeremy is optimistic about the savings they’ll see in the summer with the use of the heat-pump, which also provides air-conditioning based on their savings throughout the winter. Robin relies upon air conditioning for her pilates studio, in the out-building.

Jeremy was surprised how many people asked about the installation, and inquired about the efficiency of the heat pump. As it turns out, Jeremy has been spreading the word about his experience with Sundog and the efficiency of the heat pumps. Now, the Game-Loft, an organization dedicated to teens, where Jeremy volunteers is following suit with a Sundog heat pump installation. When he is working at the co-op, Jeremy enjoys the work of helping teens combat social isolation through gaming and community service programs. For Jeremy The Game Loft was one of the big draws of Belfast, where he could share his expertise and love of the technical aspects of gaming: strategy, critical thinking and intricacies involved in gaming.

When I asked Jeremy if the conversion to sustainable energy had provided additional perspectives, he explained how the installation led to additional insight that inspired the couple to make structural improvements. As it turns out, the walled area where the old oil tank was stored proved to be the perfect area for the new wood stove, and by removing the walls and adding structural reinforcement beams, the entire upstairs became more spacious and also more energy efficient. Initially, the couple was worried about cold spots. The air couldn’t travel to the back-bedroom, but now with the new floor-plan, there is good air-flow, and a single heat-pump, coupled with wood stove on especially cold days keeps the space warm.

Here’s the scoop on heat pumps from Efficiency Maine!

Efficiency Maine continues to offer rebates  through the Home Energy Savings Program to both residential and commercial customers. The Home Energy Savings program is great if it works for you. You apply for the loan, up to 25,000 on home upgrades that meet sustainability standards and whatever is left over can be spent on heating, in form of a grant.

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It’s a great time to take advantage of state rebates while they last. Although our Governor vetoed the solar energy bill, the state heat pump rebate is still in place until 2015.


Sundog can help you calculate your energy needs. Give us a call or stop by to learn more about Sundog Solar renewable energy products and services.

 In the summer, heat pumps can work as air conditioners, cooling indoors and rejecting heat outside. Unlike heaters that generate heat from combustion or electric resistance, heat pumps extract heat from outside air or the ground and deliver it indoors as needed. This process is a more cost-effective way to heat and cool than conventional systems.

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