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14 Jan Is solar energy good for the local economy?

Maine is the most petroleum-dependent state in the nation. Because we have no fossil fuel reserves in Maine, all of our petroleum products are imported. This causes billions of dollars to leave the state. Solar power is a great way to keep energy dollars in the local community while producing clean energy.

Invest in the Local Economy

For every megawatt of solar energy installed in the U.S., $2.5 million and 20 constructions jobs are added to the local economy, according to the National Renewable Energy Labs. Instead of spending money on energy that leaves Maine, installing a solar panel system helps the local economy and creates high-quality jobs.

Save Money with Solar Energy

Going solar also saves money. Under net metering, homeowners and businesses are credited for the solar energy they produce, allowing us to dramatically lower or virtually eliminate our electric bills. This allows people to spend the money on other things, which also benefits the local economy.

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Reduce Impact of Rising Energy Costs

Central Maine Power increased its electric rates for residential and small business customers by 18% in 2018 and will increase them nearly another 14% in 2019. Producing your own solar power virtually eliminates the impact of rate hikes and makes the solar system pay for itself even more quickly with the savings.

Dependence on Imported Oil

Virtually all Mainers are reliant on petroleum for transportation and 6 out of 10 homes are heated with oil. Electric vehicles and heat pumps can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels while using clean, solar energy.

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