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19 Aug How can I get the most energy from my solar system?

solar farm MaineInstalling solar panels is an excellent way for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities to cut their energy bills while helping the planet. Before going solar, it helps to create a strategy for getting the most energy out of your solar system by maximizing solar electricity production.

Because solar systems are designed to last for decades, your decisions regarding your system will impact your energy bills for a long time. The more energy your solar panels generate, the faster they will pay for themselves in savings, and the less you will depend on fossil fuels. Follow these tips to get the most energy production from your solar system.


Site the Solar Panels in the Best Location

Although this seems obvious, we see a lot of poorly sited solar systems. In Maine, trees, buildings, and other rooflines commonly cause shading. At Sundog Solar, we understand that conducting a shade analysis is essential for finding the best location for the solar panels. 

Because the midday sun generates the most electricity, this window is the most important. Thus, a bit of early morning or evening shade won’t significantly reduce your total solar production. At Sundog Solar, we sometimes install solar panels on detached garages, barns, shops, or even a ground-mount. This typically increases the installation price a bit, but it also boosts overall energy production.


solar installationRemove Solar Obstructions When Possible

Unfortunately, trees can significantly reduce solar system output in Maine. Although we all love trees, it helps find a balance between tree canopy and solar electricity output. Even branch shade for deciduous trees in the winter can have a noticeable impact on solar energy output. Sometimes, trimming a branch or two can have a significant impact on overall electricity production. 

Likewise, plant trees strategically to prevent future shading on your solar panels. Locating trees to the north side of the panels won’t cast shade on them. Remember that solar systems commonly last for thirty years, and trees will grow a lot over that time. Choose shorter tree species, locate the trees further away from the panels, or avoid planting tall trees on the south side of the home or business. 


Install Quality Solar Panels, Inverters, and Components

Not all solar panels and inverters were created equal. Unfortunately, some solar equipment isn’t reliable. This results in your sollar system producing less electricity over time. For example, if a string inverter fails, the solar system can stop producing power altogether.

Sundog Solar is dedicated to installing quality solar panels, inverters, and components throughout Maine. We install Tier 1 solar panels with strong reputations and warranties. Our team has extensive solar installation experience and we know which equipment stands up best to the Maine winters. Our solar systems include monitoring capabilities, so we can quickly detect an issue and address it before it has a significant impact on solar energy production. 

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