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12 Apr Full Value Solar Net Metering Restored in Maine!

solar power systemGovernor Janet Mills signed into law LD 91 which directs the PUC to end gross metering and return to full value solar net metering. The Maine PUC issued an emergency order to immediately end gross metering instead of waiting 90 days after the legislative session ends for the law to take effect. This is great news for solar energy in Maine!

Emera and CMP are still providing the details on the transition back to full value solar net metering.

What we know now is:

  • New solar customers will not need a gross meter for all new solar installations.
  • Sundog Solar customers who already have a net metering agreement with gross metering should get a contract amendment from their electric utility indicating that full retail net metering is being instituted. We expect this to happen relatively quickly but don’t know the exact timing for this.

There are other bills that are being introduced in Maine, including LD 1494 (renewable portfolio standards) and the Dow bill. If these bills pass, it will significantly boost solar energy growth in our state!


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