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14 Feb Do I Qualify for Residential Efficiency Maine Heat Pump Rebates?

heat pump contractorHalf of home energy use in Maine is for heating and cooling. Ductless heat pumps provide both a heating and cooling solution, enabling exceptional comfort throughout the seasons. They can heat and cool one room or an entire home or business. Efficiency Maine offers a generous program for Maine residents.

Here are some common questions about the program:

What heat pump rebates are available from Efficiency Maine?

There are rebates of $1,000 for a single-zone heat pump and $500 for a second unit through the Home Energy Savings Program. This means that people can claim up to $1,500 in heat pump rebates. Up to $1,250 is available to businesses installing heat pumps.


Are there income requirements for the Efficiency Maine program?

No, the heat pump rebate program does not have income requirements.


Are the rebates only available for single-family homes?

No, homes with 1 to 4 units qualify for the residential program. Larger buildings may qualify for commercial heat pump rebates.


Can I get Efficiency Maine rebates for installing heat pumps in my camp or garage?

No, the heat pump incentives are only available for primary residences. Vacation homes and camps do not qualify, unfortunately. It also must be installed in the living space and not in an outbuilding or garages. Only dwellings in the state of Maine qualify for the rebate.


If I heat my home with natural gas, do I qualify for the heat pump rebates?

No, the Efficiency Maine program does not include homes served with natural gas.


Is Sundog Solar a qualified heat pump installer for this program?

To qualify for the Efficiency Maine rebates, it must be installed by a qualified installer. Sundog Solar is an approved vendor for the Efficiency Maine heat pump rebate program. Our heat pump technicians follow the residential heat pump installation checklist.


What heat pump models qualify for the Maine rebate program?

Efficiency Maine rebates have efficiency requirements for the equipment. Higher efficiency equipment qualifies for larger rebates. Sundog Solar installs tier 2 heat pumps with an AHRI-rated HSPF of 12.5 or greater. The greater the heat pump efficiency, the greater your energy savings too.


How can I learn more about installing a heat pump in my home?

Give us a call at 207.548.1100 or email us at Info@Sundog.Solar to learn how to claim your $1,500 rebate for a home heat pump.

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