Rising energy costs challenge many Maine businesses. Sundog Solar installs commercial solar systems with a high return on investment, lowering operating costs for several decades. Sundog Solar can engineer and install complex solar systems that are customized for each project.


Quality Solar Panels & Equipment

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At Sundog Solar, we understand the importance of using reliable and innovative solar panels, equipment, and batteries. Our team installs industry-leading components with long warranties and high-quality materials.

Our solar experts use the best solar panels and equipment on the market. We install Blue Planet, Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q-cells, LG Solar, Solaria, SolarEdge, Sonnen, SMA, Silfab, Pika Energy, Schneider Electric Conext, Enphase, and SMA Sunnyboy products.


Solar Tax Incentives for Businesses

Did you know that Maine businesses can take advantage of a federal tax credit for 26% of the total system cost? A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal taxes owed and is more valuable than a tax write-off. Also, solar businesses can take an accelerated depreciation of 87% of the system cost over six years. Now is a great time to go solar in Maine!


Solar Energy for Maine Businesses

Want to find out how much your business or organization can save with solar energy? Sundog Solar offers free phone consultations and site surveys. We begin by learning your business or organization, your energy needs, project budget, and goals.


Solar for No Money Down

Sundog Solar installs solar systems for towns, schools, and non-profit groups under Power Purchase Agreements. Our customers can typically purchase solar electricity for less than grid power, resulting in instant savings. These agreements are an excellent way to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy without the upfront cost.


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Want to learn more about solar energy for your business? Contact Sundog Solar today!