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21 Jan 4 Myths about Heat Pumps

heat pump costMany Mainers want greater comfort without cumbersome ductwork and equipment. Thus, mini-split heat pumps are an excellent heating and cooling solution. The Sundog heat pump team installs single-room, multi-room, and whole-house systems. We can customize a system for your property and comfort needs. These heat pumps use electricity, not oil or propane, reducing winter heating bills.

Heat pump technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. As a result, many misconceptions persist. Let’s explore these.


Heat Pumps Can Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality

Not only is this a myth, but the opposite is true. Heat pumps filter out common allergens, removing dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen. This technology doesn’t rely on ductwork, which can accumulate dust and other contaminants. Also, heat pumps maintain optimum humidity levels, helping to prevent mold growth in the summer. They use no combustion fuels such as oil, propane, and natural gas.


Mini-splits are Only for New Homes

At Sundog Solar, we design and install mini-splits that seamlessly integrated with existing homes. Because they don’t require ductwork, these systems are an ideal heating and cooling solution for a variety of applications. We also commonly install mini-splits to heat and cool a home addition, independently providing comfort to just one region of your home.


Heat Pumps are Noisy

When heat pumps first hit the market, they were cumbersome and noisy. This technology has evolved significantly since. Today’s heat pumps operate very quietly. Our team installs the condenser unit outside of the home, and the wall unit just has a simple fan to circulate air. In fact, some of our customers selected heat pumps due to their quiet operation.


Heat Pumps Don’t Work in Cold Climates

Again, heat pump technology has evolved significantly in recent years. Now, heat pumps can operate in temperatures as low as -13° Fahrenheit. Although mini-splits can work for virtually the entire heating season, we do recommend a supplemental heating system when using heat pumps in Maine. 


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