Residential Solar Energy Projects

Photovoltaic (PV) solar is now a popular source of energy for Maine homes. The cost of solar electricity has plummeted in recent years, making it a wise financial investment. Solar panels, inverters, and components are highly reliable and can almost eliminate your electric bills! The Sundog team can install a solar system that uses the free energy from the sun that is falling on your Maine property. Take control of their energy costs for decades with clean energy.

Advantages of Solar Energy in Maine

From Portland to Rockport, Bangor, Ellsworth, and beyond, many Maine homeowners install solar panels with Sundog because it is a low risk, high return investment. Some Mainers go solar to help the environment by using renewable energy. Others want to reduce their reliance on foreign energy by using a local source of energy.

Save 30% With the Federal Tax Credit

There is a federal tax credit that lowers the total cost of a solar energy system by 30%. This tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal income taxes owed and is more valuable than a tax write-off. This attractive solar incentive will likely taper down in coming years, making now a great time to go solar!

Reliable Solar Energy Equipment

We install high-quality photovoltaic solar panels on your roof or near your home on a racking system. Sundog installs very durable solar panels that come with attractive warranties to protect your investment for 25 years or more.

Getting Started With Solar Power

Contact Sundog Solar to learn more about installing a solar system on your home. We provide free phone consultations and can help you make an informed decision by analyzing the solar potential of your home and giving you an estimate. It is useful to have a year or two of electric bills on hand to help us size your solar energy system.


Sundog Solar Residential Installations are as varied as our customers.

Rockland, Maine

Boothbay, Maine

Belfast, Maine

Lincolnville, Maine

Ellsworth, Maine

Northport, Maine

Surry, Maine

Hope, Maine

New Gloucester, Maine

Swanville, Maine

Ellsworth, Maine

Rockport, Maine

Round Pond, Maine

Old Town (Bangor), Maine

Augusta, Maine

Rockland, Maine

Searsmont, Maine

Brooklin, Maine

Trenton, Maine

Holden, Maine

Farmington, Maine