The Pika Energy Solution

Sundog Solar and Pika Energy have partnered to offer solar systems with battery storage.

Control solar, batteries and local loads with one inverter. The Pika Energy Islanding inverter uses the REbus 380VDC nanogrid to centralize solar, storage, loads, and the grid on a single smart bus that transmits power, control and data on the same wires to automate the flow of power.

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Pika Islanding Inverter

Connect solar generation to storage, the grid and advanced loads with the versatile Pika Islanding Inverter.  A family of grid-connected and grid-forming inverter battery-ready inverters capable of providing automated backup power, cutting demand charges and zero-export functions.

Using an internal transfer switch, the Pika Islanding Inverter switches automatically from grid-tied solar operation to standalone mode when the grid goes down, islanding without the need for an external autotransformer.  UL listed Islanding Inverters can generate split-phase 240VAC or three-phase 208VC in grid-connect mode, depending on the model, and can also island supporting local 240VAC loads mode for residential applications. Learn more about Pika Islanding Inverters.


Pika Energy uses the Pika PV Link™ DC optimizers to maximize energy harvest and simplify installation with minimal hardware. Overcome challenging shade scenarios with PV Link’s powerful substring MPPT capabilities. Connect 2-9 solar panels to each PV Link optimizer, enabling flexible system designs, performance monitoring and maximum powerpoint tracking. PV Link is fast to install with MC-4 connectors and is fully compliant with NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown requirements.


Pika Energy’s 380VDC bus makes efficient, smart connections between DC converters and inverters. High voltage lithium ion batteries connect to the Energy Island seamlessly with optimal efficiency for charging and discharging energy. No separate battery inverter is needed. With peak inverter efficiency at 98%, Pika Energy Islands generate, store and provide more energy than other systems, without the cost and maintenance of additional equipment.