Mini Split Heat Pumps


Half of home energy use in Maine is for heating and cooling. Heat Pumps provide both a heating and cooling solution that works well in our Maine climate. They can heat and air condition an entire home or business or supplement your current HVAC system. Our high-efficiency units are even more economical to operate than wood pellet stoves! Efficiency Maine offers rebates of up to $1,500 for new heat pump installations.

Sundog Solar designs and installs energy-saving heat pumps for exceptional comfort and energy efficiency in just one day in Maine homes and businesses. These high-efficiency HVAC units cost a fraction of the price to operate compared to oil boilers, propane furnaces, and electric baseboard.


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Save Up To $1500 With Residential Efficiency Maine Rebates

Maine residents can save $1000 with a single-zone ductless heat pump and $500 for a second unit through the Home Energy Savings Program. We install qualifying models that enable our customers to take advantage of heat pump rebates

Efficiency Maine incentives make home energy upgrades more affordable for qualified heat pump models. As an approved heat pump contractor for Efficiency Maine, Sundog Solar can help you every step of the way. Call or email us today to get started!

Qualify for up to $1250 in Efficiency Maine Business Rebates

Maine businesses can save big with incentives through the Efficiency Maine. Contact Sundog to learn more about Efficiency Maine rebate qualifications.

Cut Your Home Heating Bills

Do you have high winter heating bills? Many maine homes and businesses have high heating bills. Compare your existing system to an energy-efficient heat pump to find out how miuch you will save.

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How Heat Pumps Work

Advanced Mini-split Technology for Maine

Sundog installs quality Fujitsu and Daikin heat pumps that operate efficiently even during Maine winter cold snaps. Unlike heat pumps of yesteryear, many of our heat pumps can efficiently heat homes in temperatures as low as -13° F!

Ductless Heat Pumps for Exceptional Home Comfort

Our multi-zone systems provide a zoned heating and cooling solution for Maine homes and businesses. This allows various rooms to have different temperature settings than others, depending on use and personal preference.

Heat Your Home With Solar Electricity

One of the cleanest and most affordable ways to heat and cool Maine homes and businesses is by using ductless heat pumps that are powered by solar energy. Many satisfied Sundog Solar customers have installed both a solar PV system and mini splits.

Sundog: Your Local Mini Split Experts

The Sundog Solar team of heat pump experts is dedicated to your comfort and energy savings. Every mini split installation project we complete in Midcoast, Downeast, and Central Maine meets or exceeds guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency, is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and comes with a warranty.

Sundog is a Maine-owned and operated business committed to cutting your energy bills. From Rockland to Augusta, Bangor, and Ellsworth –  Sundog installs quality heat pumps for Maine homes and businesses. We offer free heat pump surveys and phone consultations for qualified projects.


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