Off Grid Solar Energy Systems

Off-grid solar systems are completely independent energy producing systems. They are not connected to the power grid at all.

These systems are designed to generate extra power during producing hours and store it in a battery bank. When there isn’t enough sunshine or at night, your home or business draws power from the battery bank.

Off-grid systems may have extra capacity or include a second power source, such as a generator or wind turbine to charge the battery bank if there are clouds for several days in a row.

The off-grid solar power system can also be integrated with your home’s existing power supply. For instance, it is possible to run your computers and lighting from your off grid system, while the rest of your home’s appliances are connected to the utility grid. In this case, if the utility’s power goes out, you could still maintain your computers and lighting even though other appliances are down. Cool!

Sundog Solar has experience with multiple applications of off-grid technologies, ranging from systems installations in areas inaccessible to the power grid to installations for urban homeowners interested in sustainable options.

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