Off Grid Solar Energy Systems

Benefits of off-grid solar power

Easier & quieter than a generator

No fuel expense

Reliable even when the grid is down

No electric bills ever

Energy independence

Cheaper than being connected to the grid (depending on distance)

Are solar panels a good alternative to a gas generator?

In Maine, there are many rural off-grid properties. Solar panels are a great energy solution for houses that aren’t on the utility grid. Off-grid solar is a cleaner, quieter, and simpler alternative to using a generator. At Sundog Solar, we use the most reliable technology on the market to harvest the free power falling on your property to power your home.How do off-grid solar systems work?

Sundog installs solar panels on your property. The solar electricity is used to power your home, and the excess energy is stored in your battery bank. This power is available at night, on cloudy days, or whenever you need the power.  


What does the solar inverter do?

The solar inverter converts power from DC power from the batteries to AC electrical current that your household appliances and electronics can use. Inverters are necessary if you want to use AC-powered appliances and devices, such as washing machines, lights, computers, televisions.

For off-grid solar systems, some people choose to use DC-powered appliances, and an inverter is not needed because the appliances directly draw DC-power from the batteries.


What are the disadvantages of off-grid solar?

Having an off-grid system requires homeowners to be more aware of their energy use and the amount of power stored in the batteries. Although the inverter and solar panels for your home require little if any maintenance, the batteries will need to be replaced periodically.


Do your solar systems include warranties?

Yes, Sundog Solar provides excellent warranties on all the solar systems we install. Because we customize each system for the installation, the warranties vary depending on the solar equipment.


For example, we install Solaria solar panels with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and power performance guarantee. Many other solar panels have a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25-year power performance guarantee ensuring a certain efficiency level over time. Outback and Schneider off-grid inverters come with a 5-year warranty and the batteries typically have a 7-year prorated warranty.


Can my off-grid system have supplemental power?

Off-grid systems may have extra capacity or include a second power source, such as a generator or wind turbine to charge the battery bank if there are clouds for several days in a row.


Sundog Solar – Your Off-grid Solar Expert

Sundog Solar has experience with multiple applications of off-grid technologies, ranging from systems installations in areas inaccessible to the power grid to installations for urban homeowners interested in sustainable options. Our installation team includes NABCEP-certified installers and a Master Electrician. We serve the state of Maine, including the Bangor, Portland, Augusta, and Machias areas.