Grid Tied Solar Power Systems

Grid tied solar power systems connect your home or business directly to the utility grid. Sundog Solar can help you size your system based on your energy usage.


These systems eliminate the use of battery storage, which greatly reduces the overall cost of your investment. They also allow you to draw energy from the grid at night or during “high use” times, such as holidays or when relatives and friends are visiting.

In determining the design of your system is important to ensure that it is not oversized. In Maine, you are compensated by credit for the excess electricity you produce. In other words, if your solar electric system produces more energy than you need, your electricity is stored by your Emera or CMP and used by your neighbors, and you get a credit for the amount of electricity your solar panels feed back into the grid. The Utility company keeps track of these extra kilowatts you produce, applying a credit toward your bill during months of low production. However, any power you have produced that goes unused will be donated to your Electric Utility company.

Central Maine Power and Emera Maine currently give solar customers 12 months to use their excess electricity credits. This means that the extra energy your solar panels produce during the summer can be used to pay your electric bills in the winter when there is less sunlight.

In other words, when the sun is shining and you are using the electricity, it’s coming straight from the solar panels. When the sun is shining and you are not using all the electricity, your neighbor is using the solar power from your solar panels and you are building up credit with the utility company. Then, when the sun isn’t shining and you are using power, it’s being pulled straight from the grid and is paid for from your built-up credit.

In addition, there is a 30% federal tax credit given for the entire cost of your grid-tied solar electric system.