Grid tied Solar Electricity

Is Solar Power Practical in Maine?

Energy independence is on everyone’s mind these days. With the unpredictable cost of fuel, a fragile electric grid, and the state of the economy it makes sense to create an energy strategy that provides a brighter, more secure future.

Solar technology been proven effective over many decades and today it’s more affordable than ever!

1,000 Watts Per Square Meter

That’s how much of the sun’s power strikes the earth every hour. Maine receives a yearly average of 4 hours of sun each day. When you consider that Germany averages 3.5 hours of sunlight each day and that they are the world leaders in solar integration, Maine is perfect for solar energy!

How Does Solar Power Work?

Photovoltaic (PV) technology transforms sunlight into electricity. To use this technology for your home or business, you need a basic system comprised of the following:

  • Solar panels, which generate DC (direct current) electricity
  • An inverter, which changes DC to AC (alternating current) power. AC power is what is used in most homes and businesses

The DC current in each of the cells is combined into one central circuit. DC power can be used in many mobile applications such as in an RV, boat, or to charge batteries.

Houses and businesses use alternating current (AC) electricity. Once the power is converted by the inverter, it can then be used by appliances, lights, and electrical devices.

With these basic components, you can generate electricity and feed it to your household circuits as well as send any excess electricity you make back to the grid for full retail credit.

“We needed only 32 panels to cover our electrical needs throughout the year. The panels produce about $1,500. worth of electricity.  We couldn’t be happier!”
-Teresa, Searsmont, ME

Solar 101

Types of Solar Power Systems

This system generates power which is used to power the devices in a home. If more power is needed, such as during the night, that power is drawn from the electrical utility grid. If the residential power system produces more power than needed, the excess power is fed back into the electrical utility grid and creates a credit for future use.

This type of system includes a battery bank that is charged by your solar energy system. In the event of a power failure, the battery bank would continue to supply your home or business with power directly from your battery bank.

These are great for a home that is too far from the grid to be economically connected or for someone who has declared energy independence and chooses not to be connected to the grid. These systems charge batteries which are used to power the home.

Design and Installation With Sundog Solar

Sundog Solar provides high-quality design, installation, and service of your solar electric system.

First, we listen to your needs as a customer and consumer.

Then we design a solar energy system that meets your requirements. We also focus on conservation and efficiency measures that can help reduce your energy loads.

Finally, our certified and insured installers build the system. Our installers are friendly, professional and knowledgeable and deliver high-quality results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big A Solar Electric System Do I Need?

We base your system size on your current electric bill, your location, the amount of roof space you have, how much of your electric bill you want to offset, and what your long-term energy goals are. Then we design a system that’s sized to match your needs.

Can I power more than one property with my solar array?

Yes! Since Maine has a net metering policy, the utilities are required to provide you with a credit for every extra kilowatt your system produces. You can add another account to your electric bill!

Do Solar Electric Systems Make Financial Sense?

The cost of solar modules has been steadily coming down, while the cost of electricity has continued to rise on average by 1% every year. By investing in a solar energy system you can lock in a fixed cost of electricity and pay off your initial investment in approximately 10-15 years, enjoying savings for many years to come!

Will A Solar Electric System Increase My Home Value?

Yes! According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for every $1 your utility costs are reduced by renewable energy, there is a $20 increase in the value of your home. For example if your electricity bill is $1200 yearly your home equity will increase by $24,000!

Why Should I Buy From Sundog Solar?

  1. Small business service. We are family owned by father and son team Chuck and Danny Piper. So you get the personal service of a small business.
  2. Excellent customer service. We have the highest quality products in the industry, the most experienced installers, offer free site surveys for qualified projects, you can stop by our showroom or call us personally at anytime, all of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and we are committed that you are left simply delighted from start to finish with your solar energy investment.

Who Will Install My New Solar Energy System?

Sundog Solar has a team of fully qualified solar energy experts, including NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) licensed installers. Every installation meets or exceeds guidelines set by the National Electric Code and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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