Solar Hot Water Initial Installation Cost

The cost of a solar hot water system will vary depending on how much hot water you need and where the solar hot water panels will be installed.

Your system size can be determined based on the number of people in your household or the demand for hot water in a commercial setting. Sundog Solar can evaluate your system cost and help you maximize your savings.

Examples of Solar Hot Water System Cost

2-3 People in your home

 Federal Tax Credit

Total Cost




  4-6 People in your home

 Federal Tax Credit

Total Cost




Government Incentives Can Save 30%

Thanks to strong government incentives, there’s never been a better time to invest in a residential or commercial solar hot water system in Maine. There is a 30% federal tax credit for the entire cost of your solar hot water system.


By heating your water with the sun’s energy you can protect yourself from rising oil costs. Once the system is installed, the cost of the hot water you produce is fixed.