Inverters are necessary to use AC powered appliances and devices, such as washing machines, lights, computers, televisions. In the case of off-Grid solar, some people choose to use DC powered appliances. In this case, an inverter is not needed because the appliances directly draw DC power from the battery bank. Inverters used in solar electric systems convert DC power to AC power. The source of power is always a battery bank. Inverters come in a variety of sizes, some as small as 12 Volt/100 Watt inverters up to 48 Volt/6000 Watt inverters.

Magnum Energy Inverter

Outback Inverter

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Which Inverter is Right for Me?

The size of your inverter is determined by the number of appliances and devices you want to run simultaneously. For example, if you run your washer and your well-pump and a television simultaneously, you might need a 4000 Watt inverter, whereas if your use of appliances is more sporadic, you could utilize a smaller inverter. Sundog Solar offers a number of quality brand inverters, including Outback Power, SolarEdge, Xantrex, and Magnum Energy. Sundog Solar can help you determine which inverter is appropriate to your energy needs.

Off-Grid Solar System Diagram