Off-Grid Products

Primary off-grid components include Solar Modules, Batteries, a Charge Controller and an Inverter Charger. These components are combined to create a power center for your home. Whether you are seeking off-grid design & installation or consultation for your own off-grid projects, Sundog Solar can assist.


SOLAR MODULES are the backbone of any system as they generate the power you will need to run your home. System sizes can vary from 1 to 20 modules or more. These can be mounted on your roof or on a pole mount.

A CHARGE CONTROLLER is a device located between the solar modules and the batteries which controls the flow of power to the battery bank. It prevents battery damage from overcharging and over discharging.

BATTERIES receive and store DC electrical energy produced by the solar modules. Typical battery banks that we install range from two, 6v batteries to as many as twenty four, 6v batteries. Most folks tend to purchase lead acid batteries for their cost and durability. These are enclosed in a battery box with a vent pipe to the outside.

The INVERTER converts DC power stored in batteries to 120 volt AC, standard household power. After conversion to AC, the power flows from the inverter into the circuit breaker box of the house. The house breaker box routes power to lights, appliances, and outlets of the house. The inverters we offer for home power come in ratings from 2,000 to 4,000 watts.

INVERTER/CHARGER is an inverter that also has a battery charger and transfer relay built in. When the input terminals of a standby inverter/charger receive power from an outside source such as a generator, the inverter stops producing AC power from the batteries, and instead passes the power to the house. At the same time it uses the generator power to recharge the batteries.