Batteries are a key component in off-grid and back-up systems, serving as the only energy storage device.

Rolls battery

Rolls / Surrette Flooded Lead Acid Battery

t105 batteries

Trojan Flooded Deep-Cycle Batteries

Sundog Solar offers batteries from two reputable companies, Rolls and Trojan ™ Battery Company, the manufacturers of the world’s most trusted deep cycle batteries. Their durability and reliability serve a broad range of demanding applications. Unlike many battery companies, both Rolls and Trojan ™ Battery Company offer great warranties. Following the 2 year full warranty, both companies offer a 5 year pro-rated warranty. Sundog Solar can help you match battery power capabilities to your energy needs.

Sundog Solar can also inform you about Battery Maintenance, a part of preserving your batteries’ life-span and optimal functioning.Learn more about battery maintenance.Trojan Battery GuideRolls Battery Manual