Our Approach

Throughout Maine, many home and business owners are benefiting from solar energy and energy-saving heat pumps. At Sundog Solar, our goal is to make the whole process simple and easy, each step of the way.

For solar system installations, we handle everything from filing utility applications and pulling permits to making the final connect. Our team includes certified solar installers and electricians to get the job done right.

Surveying Your Property for Solar Energy

We begin each potential project by assessing the solar energy potential of your home or business. The Sundog team uses tools such as Google Earth and the Solmetric Sun Eye to make this determination.

It is also helpful to have your past twelve months of electricity bills handy, so we can properly size your solar power system. This will help us provide you with an accurate estimate of your annual electricity bill savings. Many of our residential customers save $1,500 a year or more with a solar energy system!

The Sundog Solar team is happy to answer any questions you have and provide the information you need to make an informed decision. From Yarmouth to Rockland, Augusta, Ellsworth, and beyond –  we are dedicated to building relationships with our customers based on trust.

Skilled Solar System Design in Maine

Our goal is to design a solar system that will best serve your family or business’ energy needs for years to come. The Sundog Solar team installs quality solar panels and equipment with impressive warranties, including Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q-cells, LG Solar, Solaria, and SolarEdge products.

Our solar energy experts are skilled at sizing solar systems for the state of Maine. We utilize several tools to accurately size your system, and we will tell you how much power your new system will produce.  If your roof is shaded or isn’t oriented to the south, we can consider other locations for mounting the solar panels, such as other buildings or ground-mounted systems.

Installing Your Solar Panel System

When installing your PV system, most of the work is performed outside the home, as mounting the solar panels is the most time-consuming step in the installation. We will also need access to your electrical panel to connect the solar system to the load center of your home.

The Sundog Solar team has certified solar installers and licensed electricians. Our attention to detail has earned us a strong reputation for excellent customer service throughout Maine. Our goal is for your solar system to save you as much money on your energy bills as possible for decades to come.

Decades of Clean Solar Energy

The grid-tied solar systems we install throughout Maine are designed to last 25 to 30 years with little or no maintenance. Because solar systems have no moving parts and are very durable, your solar system will produce energy for many years to come, significantly reducing or even eliminating your power bills.

Mini-split Heat Pumps

Sundog Solar designs and installs energy-saving heat pumps for exceptional comfort and energy efficiency. These high-efficiency HVAC units consume one-third of the energy of traditional fuels and are very reliable.

Our mini splits are less expensive to operate than heating with cordwood or pellets! Call Sundog Solar today to learn why mini-split heat pumps are such a popular heating and cooling solution in throughout Maine.

Want to learn more about solar power for your home or business? Call Sundog Solar today at 207-548-1100.