About Us

Our History

Sundog Solar was incorporated in 2009 as Sundog Energy Systems, Inc., DBA Sundog Solar Store. In March of 2010, we officially opened our doors at 18 East Main St., in Searsport as Sundog Solar Store. During our first year of operation, we were closely tied to the USA Solar Store Coop. At that time we were providing a variety of retail solar products, in addition to grid tied PV systems, off grid battery based systems and solar hot water systems to meet an expanding marketplace.

We quickly outgrew our first location and in November of 2012 we moved to our current location at 222 East Main St. on Route 1 in Searsport. By expanding to a larger warehouse and hiring more employees, we have been able to handle the increased demand for our products and services.

Shortly after our move to 222 East Main St., we finalized a decision to migrate away from the storefront model and the USA Solar Store Coop to allow more time to focus on those products and services which were in the highest demand at the time, such as grid tied solar, off grid solar and solar hot water systems. This decision allowed us to make our biggest impact on Maine’s energy dynamic. From day one, our philosophy has been to bring Maine energy independence and assist people in moving away from environmentally damaging, petroleum based energy systems. By implementing these changes we have positioned ourselves to help Mainers achieve these goals.

In 2013, we added the mini-split heat pump line to our offerings. Mini-split heat pumps complete the perfect symbiotic relationship with solar electricity. A business or homeowner can install a solar electric system, produce extra power in the Summer and run their mini-split heat pump in the Winter using credits they have accrued with their utility company. Since then our solar electric and mini-split lines have grown tremendously. Customers who have combined the two technologies, report significant savings and a sense of peace knowing they have reduced their carbon footprints.

The off-grid division of our business has been an important part of our offerings because there is a great desire in the public to be off-grid. We design, sell and support great products and services that allow people to achieve this goal.

Co-owners Danny Piper and Chuck Piper are committed to bringing energy independence to Maine.


As a Maine solar power company, Sundog Solar belongs to several organizations and is affiliated with many others.

Maine Solar Energy Association (MESEA) is dedicated to promoting public awareness and use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources, energy conservation, and green building practices. MESEA sponsors hands-on workshops and publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Maine Sun.

Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals (MABEP) advances the interests of energy auditors, green builders, weatherization professionals, installers of solar energy and efficiency materials and equipment, and all other persons and businesses who seek to improve the energy efficiency of residential and commecial buildings and to reduce our dependence upon fossil fuels.

Efficiency Maine is an independent trust dedicated to promoting the efficient and cost-effective use of energy in order to save money for Maine residents and businesses, grow the economy, and create jobs.